Best local produce in NSW


When it comes to truffles, many aficionados believe those produced in the colder parts of NSW are the finest in the country. Peter and Kate Marshall of Terra Preta Truffles, near Braidwood, for example, now sell to restaurants in the US and Asia and the truffle hunts they run at their property each winter sell out fast.

  • Borrodell
  • Racine Restaurant

Perfect produce

New South Wales is well known for its top-quality producers. There’s nothing like the smell of slow-cooking lamb shanks or a lamb leg roasting with rosemary and garlic to make a house seem more like a haven in winter. Moran Family Lamb, the family property of well-known Sydney chef Matt Moran on the Central Tablelands, is producing premium-quality meat that’s turning up on some of Australia’s top tables. Various cuts are available to order from Sydney’s uber-cool Victor Churchill butcher shop.

In Central NSW, you’ll find the country’s top red deer farmer. Venison from Mandagery Creek Australian Farmed Venison is found not only in fine-dining restaurants around the country, but at the region’s leading lights, whether it’s served with beetroot, cabbage and black rice at Racine Restaurant in Orange or at the property’s own farm kitchen.

In broadly the same neighbourhood, Orange has some of the nation’s finest orchard country, famous for growing all kinds of fruit trees (apart from its namesake). Nowhere is this diversity easier to see than at Borrodell, which propagates 170 varieties of apples (the rare Winesap, Dr Hogg and the Egremont Russet among them) alongside plums and cherries and grapes. Young, in the southwest slopes of NSW, meanwhile, is widely regarded as Australia’s cherry capital.

Though they’re often thought of as a summertime treat, oysters are frequently at their peak in the depths of winter. Sydney rock oysters are native to New South Wales waters, and the examples grown along the South Coast, particularly around Batemans Bay, are stunners. Try some of the best at The Oyster Shed on Wray St, which offers farm-fresh specimens to the public in a stunning setting beside the Clyde River.