It’s all about the great outdoors when you visit Guyra in the beautiful New England Tablelands of NSW. High up in the Great Dividing Range, you’ll find trout fishing in pristine streams, birdwatching in protected wetlands and majestic waterfalls and river gorges in spectacular national parks.

The scenic upper Ebor Falls located in Guy Fawkes River National Park

Ebor Falls, Guy Fawkes River National Park - Credit: Don Fuchs/Destination NSW

Adventure & altitude

At 1330m above sea level, Guyra is the highest town in the New England High Country, known for its cold winters and pretty snowfalls. It’s also known for excellent rock climbing, horse riding and mountain biking for all levels, along with spectacular hiking and river kayaking routes.

See the thundering Ebor Falls in the Guy Fawkes River National Park, popular for bushwalking and birdwatching. Climb the giant granite boulders of the Cathedral Rock National Park and be rewarded with incredible 360-degree views. Enjoy more scenic views over the Guy Fawkes River Gorge at the Misty Creek Lookout.

Cathedral Rock National Park in Armidale, Country NSW

Cathedral Rock National Park, Armidale - Credit: A Ingarfield/OEH

Local produce

The surrounding farmlands are renowned for producing some of Australia’s finest beef and lamb, along with premium potatoes and vine-ripened glasshouse tomatoes. There are plenty of cafes, restaurants and country pubs where you can sample local produce, as well as the iconic Lamb and Potato Festival, held each year in January.


Fishing & birdwatching

Cast a line into one of Guyra’s many beautiful waterways, or head to trout farms like Deano’s Smoked Trout Farm where you can enjoy fishing, tours, barbecues and picnics. Milani Trout Cottages is an ideal place to stay when fishing for rainbow trout or enjoying the annual TroutFest held over the October Long Weekend.

Bring your binoculars for a special birdwatching experience at the Mother of Ducks Lagoon, a rare breeding place for freshwater wetland bird species. A short drive north is the Little Llangothlin Nature Reserve, another wetlands sanctuary for many bird species such as black swans and nomadic pelicans.

Getting there

Guyra is just over six hours' drive from Sydney and 30 minutes from Armidale. You can also get the train from Sydney to Armidale and take a coach to Guyra, with the whole journey taking around nine hours. Or fly into nearby Armidale Airport. 




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