Sapphire Coast

Let it all out

The roll call of magnificence is almost endless on this gem-like stretch of coast, the most southerly in the state. In a place this wild, you can’t help but go full you. Dine on oysters plucked straight from the water. Discover beaches where yours will be the only footprints. Dive into ocean pools rich with marine life. Hike along saw-toothed cliffs and through magical tea-tree groves to untouched, emerald-green bays hidden away in immense stretches of national park. Or simply bask in thrilling isolation in bush retreats where your only neighbours are the birds in the trees. If you adventure just that little bit further, the rewards speak for themselves. Escape the everyday – and the crowds – and let it all out on the Sapphire Coast.   

Get your bearings

Start planning your trip to the Sapphire Coast with the help of our destination map, which includes the major towns in the region and distances from Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne.



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