Light to Light Walk

The Light to Light Walk is currently closed due to bushfire damage. It will reopen in sections from mid 2020, however the full walk will not be open until 2022.

The Light to Light walk in Ben Boyd National Park, near Eden on the sparkling Sapphire Coast, is a hot ticket for hikers. You can enjoy small sections of the walk or embark on a three-day trek between Ben Boyds Tower and Green Cape Lighthouse along a scenic route with spectacular views, beautiful beaches and enchanting wilderness

The walk starts at either Boyds Tower or Green Cape and you can download a smartphone app from the National Parks and Wildlife Service for fascinating insights while making your way along the trail. Before starting this adventure on the far NSW South Coast check out the bushwalking safety tips, which include bringing plenty of water.

Below is an itinerary for a three-day trek, starting from Boyds Tower.

Whale breaching in front of Ben Boyd's Tower - South Coast

Day 1

Begin the coastal trek from Boyds Tower, built in 1847, where you'll likely spot seals and seabirds all year round and migrating humpback whales during the season from May to November. Head for Saltwater Creek Beach to cool down with a swim and arrive at the secluded Saltwater Creek campground as the sun strikes the headland and colours the trees.

Couple enjoying a day section of the multi-day Light to Light Walk

Day 2

Begin day two bound for Bittangabee Bay where you can follow a trail through banksia groves, past sheltered covers and beside russet-red rock shelves. Take a dip in the crystal-clear waters of Bittangabee Bay and then stop to explore the Bittangabee Bay Ruins.  Pitch your tent at Bittangabee campground, which has barbecues and other amenities.

A couple exploring around Green Cape Lighthouse, Ben Boyd National Park

Day 3

Set out for Green Cape Lighthouse along a trail that was traditionally travelled by lighthouse keepers laden with supplies off-loaded at Bittangabee Bay. Take the walkway to the Green Cape lookout to admire the magnificence of the landscape. You can even stay in the historic Green Cape Lightstation Keepers' Cottages.    

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