Abseiling, canyoning and caves


Whether you have an instinct for thrill-seeking or are simply looking to experience something new, NSW is the natural habitat for the adventurer. With spectacular cliff faces, caves and canyons you will find fantastic opportunities to climb, cave, canyon and abseil in some of the world's most unique and beautiful environments.

Abseiling, canyoning, caving and rockclimbing in NSW

Abseiling, Snowy Mountains

NSW has an abundance of natural attractions for adventure seekers in the Blue Mountains, Snowy Mountains and in national parks such as the Warrumbungles and Bungonia. If you enjoy abseiling, canyoning, caving and rock climbing adventures, you'll find plenty of opportunities for an adrenaline-filled adventure across the state.

Start your adventure in the Blue Mountains National Park, just a couple of hours from Sydney. There are plenty of summer and winter adventures available with accredited tour operators, as well as bushwalks and hikes with incredible views. The Empress Canyon near Wentworth Falls is one site that combines abseiling with canyoning, and includes water jumps, exhilarating swims, waterslides plus great scenery.

Head to Katoomba and you’ll find a plethora of tour operators and experienced guides ready to take you rock climbing, abseiling or on a bush survival course. And don’t miss the famous Jenolan Caves and Abercrombie Caves, west of the Blue Mountains, as well as the beautiful Yarrangobilly Caves near the Snowy Mountains.

Experienced rock climbers should head to Nowra and climb the crags near the Shoalhaven river. Climbs here are challenging. One of the highlights is Thompson's Point, great for intermediate climbers. Point Perpendicular is another top climb.

Bungonia National Park near Goulburn is another great place to go rock climbing or caving. Known as the adventure capital of the Southern Highlands, it's home to the deepest canyon in Australia. Nearby Wombeyan Caves is meanwhile an extensive and beautiful network of limestone caves, regularly explored by NSW caving groups.