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Broken Column, Lucas Cave, Jenolan

Have fun and be amazed! Jenolan's caves are amongst the worlds finest and oldest. Explore the vast underworld. Eleven different magnificent show caves present a labyrinth of ancient limestone caverns, richly draped with exotic minerals and cut by subterranean rivers.
A dazzling natural phenomenon, open daily, Jenolan offers guided tours of 10 astonishing show caves (boasting spectacular formations) and a fascinating multi-lingual self-guided tour which includes a commentary for kids. Survive challenging Adventure Caving tours, intriguing ghost tours and night tours.
Jenolan is nestled in the magnificent Blue Mountains World Heritage area. Stroll along tranquil bush tracks. Glimpse native wildlife, including shy platypus, wallabies and lyrebirds.
Relax at the cafe, unwind in the cosy bar and dine in magnificent Chisolm's Restaurant. Select an excellent wine from the cave wine cellar. Choose accommodation from romantic grand suites to backpacker lodge and cottages.
Stay for an afternoon or several days!

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Mysteries, Legends and Ghost Tour

The two hour 'Mysteries, Legends and Ghosts' is a torchlight tour. Prepare to feel unnerved! It is highly possible that your tour guide will have a stock of strange stories from their own personal experiences in Jenolan Caves. Bring a friend to cling to! Overwhelmingly popular, this tour runs on most Saturdays from 8pm to 10pm. The Mysteries, Legends and Ghost Tour is aimed at grown-ups. Children must be at least 10 years of age. Bookings are essential with a maximum of 20 on each tour. Tip: why not have dinner at Caves House first? Make sure you book dinner for 6pm, to be finished in time for the tour.
Start Location Jenolan Caves
Duration Half Day or Less
Price $41.00 - $41.00 Prices subject to change

Jenolan Pass

Your Jenolan Pass provides a guided tour and big discounts on further show cave tours. You can choose from three Jenolan Passes: Wonders of Jenolan Choose the Chifley, Imperial or Lucas cave, providing a wonderful introduction to the magic of Jenolan. These fantastic caves include large chambers and wide variety of colourful features, including underground rivers. Jewels of Jenolan Choose the Orient, Temple of Baal or Diamond cave, each richly decorated with sparkling crystal, ranging from tiny helictites to some of Jenolan's largest features. Magic of Jenolan Choose the River cave, Ribbon, or one of the evening tours including 'Legends, Mysteries and Ghosts'. Smaller groups explore these caves, each with unique and famous features. These tours are not suitable for very young children.
Start Location Jenolan Caves
Duration Half Day or Less
Price $35.00 - $41.00 Child, age pensioner, seniors card holders and family rates apply to most tours.

Jenolan Adventure Caving

Looking for adventure - something that thrills without the spills? Squeeze, crawl and climb through winding, ancient passageways, with only your head lamp to light your way! All specialised equipment is provided. The Two Hour Plughole is a comprehensive introduction to adventure caving, including a short abseil into the mountain, then slide and wriggle through to the infamous 'S-Bend' squeeze. The Three Hour Aladdin Cave tour runs every Sunday, and offers some of the most beautiful formations of the adventure tours. The Six Hour Mammoth Cave tour is the most extensive cave at Jenolan featuring enormous caverns and an underground river. These challenging activities are not only fun, but great for teamwork and for building self-confidence and personal development. Ordinary people do the extraordinary!
Start Location Jenolan Caves
Duration Full Day and Half Day or Less
Price $100.00 - $220.00 No concession or family rates available.