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Lord Howe Island


Exploring Lord Howe Island

There are plenty of things to do on Lord Howe Island. Crystal clear waters are perfect for swimming, snorkelling, diving, kayaking and surfing while, on land, the trek to the summit of Mt Gower is recognised as one of the best one-day hikes in the world.

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About Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island is a World Heritage-listed paradise located 660km off the north coast of NSW and less than two hours' flight from Brisbane or Sydney.

At any one time, you'll be one of only 400 visitors on Lord Howe Island, regarded as one of the most beautiful islands in the Pacific. A holiday here is relaxing and unhurried, where getting around by bike or on foot is the way to go and there are plenty of adventures and activities to choose from.

World Heritage-listed for its outstanding natural beauty, remarkable geology and rare collection of birds, plants and marine life, Lord Howe is surrounded by the world's southernmost coral reef. The pristine waters teeming with marine life and rare coral form Lord Howe Island Marine Park, one of the largest in NSW. There's a whole host of water-based activities on the island, including scuba diving, fishing, snorkelling, surfing and kayaking.

On land, there's no better way to seek out Lord Howe's 64 unique species of flowering plants, the endangered woodhen and seabird colonies than on well marked walking tracks. If you're feeling especially adventurous, join a tour to climb to the summit of Mt Gower, one of the island's towering twin peaks. From the summit, you'll be captivated by the view - Mt Lidgbird in the foreground and The Lagoon below. On the descent, the jagged-spire of Balls Pyramid rises from the sea.

A wide range of accommodation styles, sumptuous spa treatments, beautiful hotels and great restaurants make Lord Howe Island the perfect getaway.

NSW's Island paradise

Exploring Lord Howe Island

Twin peaks

Lord Howe Island's famous twin peaks, breathtaking views and natural forest make it ideal for walkers and hikers, who can discover the island on foot. Challenge yourself on a one-day, guided climb of Mt Gower (875 m), considered one of the world's best hikes, or take a more leisurely walk under lush forest canopies.

Fishing, Lord Howe Island

Idyllic water sports location

Lord Howe Island is an idyllic spot for anyone who enjoys water sports, especially fishing enthusiasts, snorkellers and divers. Coral reefs are sublime with the waters surrounding the island are crystal clear. You can snorkel straight off the sand at Ned's Beach, see the wondrous marine life of the lagoon or go on special snorkel boat trips.

Bird Watching, Lord Howe Island

World heritage sstatus

Lord Howe Island is one of only four island groups in the world possessing World Heritage status thanks to its remarkable landscape, rare birds, plants and marine life and its exceptional natural beauty. You'll have plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself I nature either by snorkelling and diving, or bushwalking, bird watching and cycling.

Explore Lord Howe Island