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Lord Howe Island is one of Australia’s premier birdwatching destinations, with 14 species of seabirds breeding here in their hundreds of thousands. The island also has more than 130 permanent and migratory bird species, including the unique Lord Howe Island woodhen, vast flocks of migrating shearwaters and rare providence petrels.

  • Hiking on Mt Gower, Lord Howe Island
  • Birdlife on Lord Howe Island

Bushwalking and birdwatching on Lord Howe Island

Mount Gower, Lord Howe Island NSW

Lord Howe Island is a nature lovers paradise. Although only 11km long and 2km wide, the island has many bushwalking options for a wide range of abilities. The most challenging is the 14km Mount Gower hike, rated as one of the best day treks in the world. An experienced guide from Lord Howe Island Nature Tours or Sea to Summit Expeditions will lead you through this 875-metre ascent, an eight hour return journey that requires ropes in some sections. Discover the islands unique plants and birdlife as you explore extraordinarily beautiful scenery.

Malabar Hill is one of the world's largest nesting sites for the red-tailed tropic bird, known for their spectacular airborne courting displays. Climb during the nesting season between September and May to witness these dazzling rituals. The two-hour return walk takes in breathtaking views over the twin peaks of Mt Gower and Mt Lidgbird to the south, and the Admiralty Islands to the north.

Gentler options for more relaxed meandering around the island are also on offer. From the beautiful Blinky Beach, take an easy 2km stroll to the scenic vantage point on Transit Hill and look out for an emerald ground dove or golden whistler along the way. The picturesque North Bay is a secluded beach accessible only on foot (four-hour return trip) or by boat. The unique Valley of the Shadows trail takes you through remarkable banyan tree forests with aerial roots that give the impression the tree is walking through the landscape. 

  • Hand-feeding fish at Neds Beach

    Hand-feed fish at Neds Beach

    Enjoy a unique Lord Howe Island experience hand-feeding fish at Neds Beach Sanctuary Zone. This special purpose zone provides the opportunity to view an amazing diversity of fish, marine life and coral close to shore. Feed eager mullet, wrasse, garfish, silver drummer, spangled emperor and metre-long kingfish.

  • Stand-up paddleboarding on the waters of Lord Howe Island

    Stand-up paddleboarding

    One of the best ways to enjoy the pristine blue waters of Lord Howe Island is from the peaceful perspective of a stand-up paddleboard. Hire a board at Neds Beach or from the PRO DIVE Hire Centre at Lagoon Beach and keep an eye out for wrasses, turtles, stingrays and myriads of coral as you glide through the calm waters.

  • Snorkelling and diving

    Located at the crossroads of five major ocean currents, Lord Howe Island is home to an abundance of beautiful marine life. Swim amongst up to 90 vibrant species of coral and 500 types of fish, turtles and stingrays. Spectacular diving and snorkeling sites include Neds Beach, Erscott's Hole, the Admiralty Islands and Ball's Pyramid.

Lord Howe Island Adventure Challenge

Lord Howe Island is a gem of the natural world. Its dramatic scenery, lush subtropical forests, rare flora and fauna, pristine beaches and colourful marine life are breathtaking and unique. Sir David Attenborough once wrote that Lord Howe is “so extraordinary it is almost unbelievable… Few islands, surely, can be so accessible, so remarkable, yet so unspoilt.”

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