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Byron Bay is Australia's easternmost town and 'style capital' of the North Coast. It's a place of outstanding natural beauty, set against lush volcanic hills.

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About Byron Bay

Byron Bay's natural credentials are impeccable as€“ humpback whales cruise past the headland, storms create rainbows on the mountains across the bay, hang-gliders ride the thermals above the lighthouse. Australia's most easterly point casts a spell over everyone who goes there.

Over the past two decades, Byron Bay has become an escape for urban refugees, and especially those with artistic inclinations. Architects, designers, craftworkers and software engineers have set up shop, grafting their talents and energy on to this small, relaxed coastal village. Today Byron Bay is a chic seaside town with glorious beaches, a New Age tinge and loads of style. Nearby Brunswick Heads, Lennox Head and Ballina are well worth a visit.

You'll find a vast array of accommodation to suit all needs from hotels, apartments and resorts, to hostels and camping options. 

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