Air Sports and Adventure in NSW


Balloon flights over NSW

New South Wales offers the perfect conditions for an adventure in the air, from skydiving and hang-gliding to parasailing and hot air ballooning. Embrace the wide open spaces, long stretches of beautiful coast and rolling countryside as you get your feet off the ground.

  • Skydive over Wollongong
  • Hunter Valley Hot Air Balloon

Discover the beauty of NSW from a bird's-eye view. If you're seeking a tranquil experience and a glorious sunrise, it might be time to enjoy a hot air balloon ride. The oldest means of human flight, a hot air balloon is one of the quietest modes of flight along with hang-gliding and paragliding.

Popular ballooning paths run over the vineyards of the Hunter Valley, the beautiful coastline of Byron Bay, and around the picturesque countryside of Canowindra, regarded by some as the hot air balloon capital of Australia. 

Parasailing in Port Stephens

If you've ever wanted to enjoy the sensation of flying, parasailing 100 metres above sparkling Port Stephens will get you pretty close. Secured to the back of a boat, take in the view as your parachute lifts you effortlessly into the air. Fly solo or in tandem as you enjoy 10 exhilarating minutes off the ground before returning to shore.

For more adventure, try hang-gliding and skydiving. Stanwell Park, just south of Sydney, is the most popular hang-gliding location where aviation pioneer Lawrence Hargrave first flew in 1894. With Skydive the Beach, in Wollongong, you'll experience the rush of jumping from a plane 4 km above the coast and free falling at more than 200 km/h for a minute before floating to the ground.

Tandem jumps are also available on the Central Coast and on the NSW North Coast near Newcastle, Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour and Byron Bay. And you’ll find joy flights in places such as Albion Park and Moruya on the South Coast, Bathurst in country NSW, and Taree on the North Coast.

  1. Balloon Aloft

    Over 35 years of flying in Australia! In 1980, Balloon Aloft offered the very first passenger balloon flights in Australia and over 35 years later are still delivering the highest quality balloon flights and service....

  2. Bird Tree and Benaroon

    Bird Tree and Benaroon, two of the biggest Blackbutt trees in New South Wales are situated in the Middle Brother National Park. Benaroon is rated as the largest Blackbutt in Australia and has a girth of 15 metres....

  3. Blacksmiths Beach

    Blacksmiths Beach is a patrolled beach at the southern end of a sandy nine mile stretch of coastline. It's popular with families, and is known as a good beach for swimming. The breakwall, which acts as the border...

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