Mungo Woolshed


Long after the mega fauna roamed the vast desert landscape, historic Gol Gol Station brought mega flocks of sheep to the region, now protected by Mungo National Park. Adjacent to Mungo Visitor Centre, the heritage Mungo woolshed, built in 1869, harks back to the pastoral history of this dramatic yet fragile landscape.
Step inside the shady cool and marvel at the ingenious drop-log construction, made from local cypress pine. At its peak, this shed was a hive of activity, with 18 men hand-shearing over 50,000 sheep. You’ll admire both the craftsmanship and sheer effort of the early labourers. Ironically the erosion caused by sheep, rabbits and tree-felling reduced the capacity for farming, and revealed the long-held secrets of the ancient lakebed.
Enjoy a picnic at the nearby facilities before embarking on the Mungo Self-guided Drive tour, where you’re sure to ponder the big questions amid the shifting sands of time.

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