Mungo National Park

Uncover a starkly beautiful landscape of ancient dry lake basins and sand formations in Mungo National Park. This area of NSW is rich with Aboriginal history, home to Mungo Lady and Mungo Man. Explore at your own pace or with an organised tour such as Tri State Safaris or Outback Geo Adventures.

In the Willandra Lakes World Heritage Area, the significant archaeological discoveries of Mungo Lady and the ochred skeleton of Mungo Man reveal early evidence of developing spiritual belief. This area remains greatly significant to the Ngyiampaa, Mutthi Mutthi and Southern Paakantyi Aboriginal people.

A guided tour on the sand dunes of Mungo National Park

Along the eastern side of the lakes, towering dunes are formed from quartz and clay. The most famous of these formations is the colossal Walls of China. You can take a tour of this magical landmark with an Aboriginal ranger, and learn about the cultural history of Lake Mungo.

The 70km Mungo Self-Guided Drive Tour is a brilliant introduction to this unbelievable desert landscape. Starting at the Mungo Visitor Centre, the loop track takes in all the main attractions of the park including the Walls of China boardwalk, Red Top lookout and Rosewood picnic area. A 4WD vehicle is recommended.

An aerial view of Mungo Lodge, Mungo National Park

You can cycle or drive the 10km historic Zanci Pastoral Loop to see wildlife, birdlife and the ruins of Zanci Homestead. For many years this region was a grazing property. Built in 1869, Mungo Woolshed is a well preserved and vivid reminder of those times.

Drop into the Mungo Visitor Centre for tourist information, and to learn about the park’s megafauna and the formation of its unique landscape. If you want to stay overnight, there are campgrounds, as well as budget accommodation in the historic Mungo Shearer’s Quarters or modern cabins at Mungo Lodge.

You’ll find more information as well as downloadable maps on the NSW National Parks&nbsp app.

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