Zanci Homestead site

The Zanci Homestead site comprises a range of buildings – some still proudly in their original condition having been refurbished, and some of which are now only ruins. Located along the Mungo Self-guided Drive tour the site can also be reached via Zanci Pastoral Loop.
Built from iron and flattened kerosene tins, the original homestead had two rooms and a small kitchen, where cooking was carried out over an open fire and with camp ovens. Today, you can visit the homestead’s renowned 'dugout', built into the ground for use as a cool room. Lose yourself in Mungo’s pastoral heritage at the shearing shed and yards, and check out the drop pine log-walled and spinifex thatched stables. Be sure not to miss the Zanci Woolshed either. Once part of the famous Mungo woolshed, this notable structure was transported and rebuilt on the Zanci station.
Take a few photos of the site’s remarkable ruins, which include a brick fireplace and chimney, and of a water tank. Perhaps the most photographed feature, however, is the old outhouse – a fine example of the historic 'dunny out the back'.

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