Discover 360-millon-year-old fossilised fish with crocodile-like jaws, soar in a balloon above the beautiful red-earth countryside and explore the trails and tales of colonial bushranger Ben Hall on a tour. Enjoy wine tasting at cellar doors, delicious food festivals and the heritage-listed buildings on the main street.

  • Canowindra International Balloon Challenge, Orange Area
  • Canowindra, Orange Area

About Canowindra

On the banks of the beautiful Belubula River, Canowindra is home to the intriguing Ages of Fishes Museum where you’ll see fossils of bizarre fish with crocodile-like jaws and armour from 360 million years ago, long before dinosaurs roamed the planet. The fossils were first discovered in Canowindra in 1955.

You’ll find plenty more things to do and see in Canowindra, also known as the balloon capital of Australia. Join Aussie Balloontrek or Balloon Joy Flights and experience a glorious sunrise. The Canowindra International Balloon Challenge is a colourful week-long spectacle above the enchanting red-earth countryside.

Hot Air Balloon Festival, Canowindra

Discover the fascinating colonial history, from heritage streetscapes to bushranger Ben Hall, who bailed up Canowindra in 1863. Amble along the meandering main street and admire the lovingly maintained colonial buildings. The Canowindra Historical Museum is open on Saturdays or by appointment.

Browse galleries and gift shops, such as the Canowindra Trading Post and Finns Store. Stop for a cool drink at the Royal Hotel Canowindra, built in 1910 on the site where Hall occupied another pub on a raid in October 1863. Join Blind Freddy’s Bushranger Tours and follow the trails and explore the myths of Hall and his gang.

The 100 Mile Dinner, Canowindra

You’ll discover fine wine in Canowindra, which straddles the Cowra region and the Orange region – both well-known for acclaimed wines, fresh produce and exciting festivals. Enjoy wine tastings at Toms Waterhole Wines and Wallington Wines, and check out Canowindra@Home for festivities such as the 100 Mile Dinner.

Accommodation options suit various budgets. Getting to Canowindra is easy, with the drive 30 minutes’ drive north of Cowra and 50 minutes southwest of Orange. From Sydney, the drive through the World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains is a little over four hours. You can also fly to Cowra or Orange airports and rent a car.


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