Air sports and adventure


Balloon flights over NSW

New South Wales offers the perfect conditions for an adventure in the air, from skydiving and hang gliding to parasailing and hot air ballooning. Embrace the wide open spaces, long stretches of beautiful coast and rolling countryside as you get your feet off the ground.

  • Hang Gliding over Bar Beach, Newcastle
  • Ballooning, Hunter Valley

NSW adventures in the air

Paragliding from Bald Hill, Wollongong

Discover the beauty of NSW from a bird’s-eye view. If you are seeking a peaceful and tranquil experience, it might be time to enjoy a hot air balloon ride. The oldest means of human flight, glide above the beautiful NSW landscape as the balloon moves gracefully with the breeze. This is also one of the quietest modes of flight.

Popular ballooning paths run over the vineyards of the Hunter Valley, above the beautiful coastline of Byron Bay and around the picturesque countryside of Canowindra, regarded by some as the hot air balloon capital of Australia.

If you've ever wanted to enjoy the sensation of flying, parasailing 100m above a beautiful Port Stephens seascape will get you pretty close. Secured to the back of a boat, take in the view as your parachute lifts you effortlessly into the air. This can carry up to three people. Fly solo or in tandem as you enjoy 10 exhilarating minutes off the ground before returning to shore.

For more adventure, try hang gliding. Stanwell Park offers Sydney's longest established and most popular hang gliding centre, while North Wollongong's Skydive the Beach allows you to experience the incredible rush of soaring from Australia's highest skydiving point, with an altitude of 4km. An experienced pilot will help you steer from your suspended harness, as you change directions with the angle of your body.