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Diving with Seals, Narooma

Montague Island

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A wildlife sanctuary on Montague Island

About 9km offshore from the south coast town of NaroomaMontague Island Nature Reserve is a natural treasure that's the breeding ground for the State's largest colony of fur seals, as well as thousands of little penguins and 15 bird species. It's also a great location for whale watching and seeing dolphins in the wild plus recreational activities that include snorkelling, diving and fishing.

Must Do

Swimming with seals

Seals on Montague Island

Experience one of the greatest wildlife adventures in Australia by swimming with seals on Montague Island.  Depending on the season, between 400 and 2,000 New Zealand and Australian Fur Seals inhabit the granite rocks of the island. Go snorkelling or scuba diving with Island Charters NaroomaLighthouse Charters Narooma or Narooma Charters and discover the playful and inquisitive nature of these sea creatures as they delight you with their friendly approaches underwater.

National Parks and Wildlife Service runs day and overnight eco tours to Montague Island throughout the year. Get involved in the ongoing little penguin research project on the island and visit the Montague Island Lighthouse Keepers' Quarters built in 1881. You can stay overnight in the refurbished head keeper's quarters, help with habitat management or research, while experiencing the natural beauty of this unique island.

Guided tours of the island start and finish at Narooma and include a circumnavigation of the island, giving you the chance to see the fur seal colony. Depending on what time of the year you're here, you're also likely to see humpback and southern right whales, dolphins and a variety of seabirds including little penguins and sooty oystercatchers. Whales head north along the NSW coast throughout June and early July, and return southwards from around September to November.

Enjoy a fishing trip seeking out tuna, marlin and kingfish, or go deep water fishing for blue eye cod and groper with Charter Fish Narooma and Montague Island Game & Sport Fishing

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