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Fishing in national parks

The Sapphire Coast is fortunate to have national parks lining large sections of the coastline. Parks where fishing is permitted include Mimosa Rocks National Park (access from the Tathra-Bermagui road, Bournda National Park (southeast of Bega) and Ben Boyd National Park (access south and north of Eden).

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Tuna fishing

If you enjoy fishing, the Sapphire Coast region on the far south coast of NSW is one of the state's best fishing destinations. The main towns of the region Bermagui, Tathra, Merimbula and Eden are ideally located with fishing charters on offer, boat ramps if you travel with your own boat and plenty of land and offshore spots to throw in a line.

From Bermagui, you can go game fishing, deep-sea fishing, reef, rock and beach estuary fishing. As Bermagui is only 11 nautical miles from Australia's continental shelf, it's a popular destination for game fishing. This type of fishing is dependent on the warm currents that flow over the continental shelf, carrying a great quantity of pilchards, mackerel and other small surface fish known as bait fish. These bait fish attract larger predatory fish such as tuna, sharks, marlin, yellowfin, bluefin and albacore.

Other exotic fish also appear during this period including broadbill, wahoo, cobia, dolphinfish, short-billed swordfish and sometimes sailfish.

Bermagui and beyond

Bermagui is blessed with reefs at various depths attracting a wide range of species. Anglers fish for snapper, rubber-lipped morwong, leather jackets, various rock cod and wrasse and kingfish during summer and autumn. At the twelve mile reef, Tasmanian trumpeter fish can be found during summer.

Tathra is approximately 19km from the continental shelf, a short trip for game-fishing enthusiasts. Access is from the beautiful Kianinny Bay, also a popular spot for launching your boat to fish for flathead. Tathra and surrounding national parks offer spectacular beach fishing where salmon, tailor, bream, whiting and mullet can be targeted.

Eden is an excellent spot for game fishing from December to May. Land-based game fishing is also popular from the Pulpit and City rocks while reef fishing is excellent, as there are so many places to fish with great expanses all the way down to Greencape and Disaster Bay.

From Merimbula, fishing styles range from reef fishing to trolling with catches likely to include snapper, morwong, deep-sea bream, trevally, nannygai, leatherjacket and wrasses. Some reef peaks are located just 15 to 16 miles east of Merimbula and Eden with excellent rewards such as Tasmanian trumpeter, morwong, rubber-lip and deep-sea ling, ocean perch and snapper.

Don't forget. When fishing in NSW freshwater and saltwater, you are required by law to pay the NSW recreational fishing fee. This applies when spear fishing, hand lining, hand gathering, trapping, bait collecting and prawn netting or when in possession of fishing gear in, on or adjacent to waters. Find out more.

Swimming safety information

Swimming safety information

NSW has a wide range of wonderful swimming options from beaches, ocean pools, harbourside pools, lakes, rivers or swimming holes at the bottom of waterfalls. However to ensure maximum safety and enjoyment, swimmers should follow this general advice:

Look for patrolled beaches (this is where lifesavers are on duty you will see red and yellow flags that indicate this). You should always swim between the red and yellow flags as they mark the safest place to swim.

Never swim alone at night, or under the influence of alcohol, or directly after a meal.

Always check water depth before diving in as rocks or trees could be submerged and never run and dive into the water from the beach.

Check for signs regarding advice on water conditions at your chosen swimming spot and at any natural swimming hole. Always proceed with caution as surfaces could be slippery and water conditions may not be immediately apparent; particularly if the areas has recently experienced heavy rainfalls or flooding.

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