Mount Kosciuszko Summit Walk


Australia's highest peak 

The Snowy Mountains region is home to the continent's five highest peaks, including Australia's highest peak, Mount Kosciuszko. Follow the summit walk for stunning views of alpine scenery including snowcapped mountains. 

Mount Kosciuszko Summit Walk

Kosciuszko National Park Walk

Starting in the alpine precinct of Kosciuszko National Park, the Mt Kosciuszko Summit Walk is a 9 km scenic route that follows the Old Summit Road towards Mount Kosciuszko and takes you through attractions such as the Snowy River, Seaman's Hut and Rawson Pass. This multi-use track is popular with bushwalkers and mountain bikers alike.

Taking up to 6 hours each way, the walk takes you through some of the region's stunning natural attractions before you reach the summit of Mount Kosciuszko to take in the spectacular views overlooking the Bogong Peaks Wilderness and the Australian Alps. Marvel at waterfalls and witness the amazing display of wildflowers featuring silver snow daisies and mountain roses, blossoming amongst glorious alpine vistas. Stop by the Snowy River for a picnic and read the signs at Rawson Pass detailing the Aboriginal significance of the landscape.

The weather in this area can be extreme and the route is occasionally covered by snow, so ensure you check the weather forecasts before starting the walk and dress appropriately. To enjoy a spot of fishing along the walk, you will be required to carry a NSW Recreational Fishing License. Enjoy sights of the area's birdlife by packing binoculars.

The Mount Kosciuszko Summit Walk is open during the warmer months of the year between September-May. It is recommended that you thoroughly prepare for your journey to ensure your safety and comfort. It's advised that you bring supplies such as drinking and cooking water, food and a gas or fuel stove. Stay on track by utilising a topographic map and compass or opting for a GPS. Parking is available near the trackhead on Kosciuszko road.

For more information visit the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service website and take a virtual tour of the walk on Google Street View.