Take the Kosciuszko Express Chairlift to the start of the Kosciuszko walk to the top of Australia’s highest mountain – the panorama is unforgettable. The scenic chairlift will also transport you and your mountain bike to the thrilling Thredbo Downhill Bike Run. There are fun summer festivals, too.

  • The Diggings - Kosciuszko National Park - Image; Destination NSW
  • The Diggings - Kosciuszko National Park - Image; Destination NSW

About Thredbo

From walking to Australia’s highest point to mountain biking, fishing and kayaking, Thredbo in the beautiful NSW Snowy Mountains is a great outdoor escape in warmer months. A winter wonderland changes into bushwalking and mountain biking trails in the magnificent Kosciuszko National Park.

Pristine waters from melting snow-caps flow each spring into the crystal-clear Thredbo River, perfect for kayaking, rafting and fly fishing. The trout jump and race along the river, which meanders from Thredbo to Lake Jindabyne. You’ll find enchanting spots along the pretty riverbank for picnics, too.

Mountain Biking - Kosciuszko Chairlift - Thredbo Valley Track, Image; Snowy Mountains

Mount Kosciuszko is a dramatic backdrop, standing 2,228 metres. You can take the Kosciuszko Express Chairlift to the start of the Kosciuszko walk, a popular day walk to Australia’s highest mountaintop for a spectacular panorama. This summit walk takes four or five hours return.

The scenic chairlift will also take you and your mountain bike to the start of the thrilling Thredbo Downhill Bike Run, from November to May. You’ll find plenty more things to do and see, with the national park home to many walking tracks as well as mountain biking trails and road cycling routes.

Mountain Biking on Thredbo Valley Track, Image; Tourism Snowy Mountains

Mt Kosciuszko Walks offers various guided tours, including to Mount Kosciuszko where you’ll watch a glorious sunset before heading back down the mountain with headlamps on and the bright stars above. You’ll find plenty of accommodations in Thredbo, a vibrant alpine village with the fun Thredbo Resort.

The exciting events calendar includes delightful summer festivals, such as the Thredbo Craft Beer Festival and Thredbo Blues Festival. Treat yourself to delicious experiences as well, including vibrant bars and tasty restaurants. The village of Thredbo is only 30 minutes’ drive southwest of Jindabyne.

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