Kandos is known as the gateway to the Capertee Valley, the world’s second largest canyon. As well as being a a great base for bushwalking and water sports, these protected woodlands are also renowned for some of the best bird watching in NSW. If you’re thinking of camping at Capertee, stop by the historic Kandos to grab your essentials first.

  • Kandos, Mudgee Region NSW
  • Dunns Swamp, Mudgee

About Kandos

Kandos is located in the Capertee Valley on the western edge of the Blue Mountains, 231 km north-west of Sydney. The town was established in 1913, when the New South Wales Cement Lime and Coal Company was set up to take advantage of local supplies of limestone. Today the region’s fascinating history can be explored and absorbed at the locally run Kandos Museum.

Kandos is a great base to explore a popular camping and picnic area within the Wollemi National Park. Set on the banks of the Cudgegong River and nestled amongst stunning sandstone pagoda rock formations, nearby Dunns Swamp is a spectacular place to picnic. Wander through the outstanding biodiversity of plant and animal communities, home to at least 107 bird species.

Kandos Railway Cafe, Kandos

The old railway station is now home to a licensed café and Visitor Information Centre, aptly named ‘Down the Track Cafe’ where new meaning is given to alfresco dining on the station platform. Alternatively you may like to enjoy the roaring open fire in what was once the station master’s room and baggage area complete with ex-railway seating and memorabilia.

There are also plenty of events to enjoy in this area. From the Street Machine and Hotrod Show in January to the bi-annual Garden Fair in November. There is also a Bob Marley Festival in March and hugely popular bi-annual contemporary art festival Cementa in April.


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