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Albury Botanic Gardens - Albury


Albury's beautiful Botanic Gardens have been established for over 130 years and give residents and tourists alike the opportunity to see and admire the historical and horticultural significance of the gardens.

Over the years, the gardens have won many prizes for layout, design, plant species and annual planting's. The curved paths and rounded shrub beds give a softer, less formal look to these gardens which once had straight paths and rows of pines, elms and other trees.

Found in the gardens is the Hume Monument, Albury's tribute to Hamilton Hume who first discovered this area in 1824. The Hume monument was erected in 1858 and stood on the former site of Hume's Tree; it was removed to the Botanic Gardens when they were established. The present brick residence was built in 1909 to replace the previous weatherboard house. The gardens are classified by the National Trust of Australia.

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