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View of Audrey Wilkinson Wines, Hunter Valley.
Scenic sunrise in Broken Hill.
Views of New England National Park
Green hills at Kiama, South Coast Sunset on the Ocean


  • Gundabooka National Park
  • North Bourke Bridge


Nature around Bourke

Just 50 km south of Bourke off the Kidman Way is Gundabooka National Park. Mt Gundabooka rises to 500m amongst rust-coloured cliffs, gorges and hills. Aboriginal rock art here has great cultural significance to the local Ngiyampaa people.

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About Bourke Area

Bourke is an historic river port on the Darling River in Outback NSW. It's remote location - 780 km north-west of Sydney which - led to the term "the back of Bourke" to mean the great unknown. But you'll be surprised to discover a fascinating and exciting inland town with a rich historical tradition. For a couple of decades from the early 1860s, Bourke and other towns along the Darling River became important trading centres and transportation hubs. Today, you can walk along the town's heritage trail or visit the Back O Bourke Exhibition Centre. Don't miss a cruise along the Darling River aboard the paddle-boat Jandra.


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