Whale Watching in Port Macquarie


Port Macquarie Whale Watching

Port Macquarie is one of the best places to see the whales, it is the second most easterly point in NSW, which ensures close up encounters just meters off the coast, making whale watching a must do.

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See Whales in Port Macquarie

Whale Watching in Port Macquarie

Between June and October the whales begin their northern migration to to give birth in the Whitsundays, returning to the Antarctic with their young by December, to feed. In the Camden Haven visitors can walk through Kattang Nature reserve to Perpendicular Point and spot the passing whales.

Visitors can meander along the 9km Coastal Walk, along boardwalks and viewing platforms that hug the coastline around Port Macquarie to the historic Tacking Point Lighthouse, or return to their accommodation with ocean view balconies to look for tell tale signs of whales passing - breaching, tale splashing and water spouts.

With whales this close to the coastline, operators are able to reduce travel time getting out to the whales and spend more time with them. Coming eye-to-eye with a humpback, minke or pilot whale is the experience of a lifetime.

The most common encounters are with humpback whales, the fifth largest mammal on earth and weighing up to 40 tonnes each, the waterways off Port Macquarie are abundant with marine life, including fish and prawns, ideal food for the migrating whales.

Whale watching operators in the region are offering some of the most rewarding cruises in Australia. Port Macquarie has three major tour operators PortJet, Cruise Adventures and Port Venture.

They have expanded their services over the years to meet demand with bigger boats, luxury cruisers, jet boats and with more sophisticated viewing facilities, and several cruises each day, guaranteeing a comfortable and safe encounter with whales.

Whale watching cruises depart daily from Town Wharf in Port Macquarie.

For more information on whales please visit www.wildaboutwhales.com.au