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Belmore Falls - Robertson


The Belmore Falls area, eight kilometres south of Robertson, offers outstanding vistas of Kangaroo Valley and two waterfalls which drop a total of 100 metres into the Barrengarry Creek Valley; the main fall drops a spectacular 78 metres. A short walk leads through relatively undisturbed Eucalypt forest to several lookouts from which the falls and magnificent rainforest in the valley below can be seen.

Belmore Falls Walk is one and a half kilometres, an easy 45 minute walk. Typical sandstone flora is a special feature of this walk, including flowers such as honey flower, banksia, wattle and tea-tree. Plant communities on this walk include Eucalypt forests, Woodlands, Rainforests and Heathlands.

A track leads off to four lookouts located along the eastern edge of the escarpment. There are excellent views of the valley and across to the falls.

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