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Braidwood Accommodation

Celebrating its 175th birthday in 2014; Braidwood was the first town to be listed on the NSW state register. It is home to dozens of heritage buildings that are rich in Australian history.

Featuring beautiful stone churches, oak trees that have stood for over a hundred years and an arts & crafts hub featuring some of the finest artistic minds in NSW; Braidwood is a splendid town to visit. In fact; it has been used as a location in several movies including Ned Kelly (1970), Finding Joy (2003), The Discontinuity (2009) and Australia's Most Haunted (2013).

It features many one of a kind gift shops featuring antiques unable to found anywhere else. Retro collectables, vintage clothing, oil lamps and everything you need to traverse through the bush. Braidwood also has a range of dining options from fondue, pizza to modern Australian. All the restaurants in town can cater to any palette to guarantee the best dining experience.

There are several accommodation options that allow you to immerse yourself in the history of the town. You can stay at a pub, a range of bed & breakfast establishments, a manor, cottage or choose from a wide selection from the neighbouring Queanbeyan area.

Braidwood is a town with a rich history, pleasant present and sparkling future. Its the perfect place to escape the urban lifestyle; if only for a moment.

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