Dubbo Observatory - Dubbo


At the Dubbo Observatory you can view the planets , stars, and galaxies through telescopes at night including our new large 17" telescope. Be informed and entertained with the 75 minute program that commences with a presentation by local astronomer, Peter Starr, then venture out into the night sky and view the stars through the telescopes. Astrophotography is also available with select camera brands. A gift shop is available where you can purchase astronomy books and gifts.
During the day there is the solar viewing and astro mini-golf package.
You can view sunspots and solar prominences safely, and the planet Venus and Moon if visible. They have an 18 hole astronomy themed mini golf. Astronomy documentaries are available to be viewed in the theatrette. There is also a gift shop.
Take astrophotographs online from home using their new 17" telescope.

For more information: www.tenbyobservatory.com