Colonial Hartley

The small village of Hartley features one of the finest collections of historic buildings in Australia, providing a captivating look into the country's colonial past.

  • Wollemi National Park, Hartley, Blue Mountains
  • Hartley historic site

About Hartley

Within Lithgow, Hartley, Little Hartley and Hartley Vale have melded together into a perfectly preserved township known as Hartley Historic Village on the western side of the Blue Mountains.

The small village consists of a number of colonial buildings that seem to be frozen in time – somewhere in the middle of the 19th century. It includes several historic inns, a courthouse, a church and a post office, all of which provide a fascinating look into colonial architecture.

What's left today of the time when Hartley was a thriving community – a gold rush in 1856 saw the town double in size – is a remarkable remnant of the original town, hardly changed since the 19th century.

Planning an overnight visit? Hartley features a couple of cosy accommodation options. From there, step back in time for a bit of colonial Australiana or get back to nature at nearby Wollemi National Park.

Nearby, Lithgow, Mount Victoria and Blackheath are also worth a visit.


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