Settled on the beautiful western edge of the Blue Mountains, Lithgow is a vibrant town rich with history, adventure and spectacular natural attractions. The Lithgow region is also a gateway to the World Heritage-listed wonderland of the Capertee and Wollemi national park, home to ancient wonders and thriving wildlife.

Lithgow has played a significant role in Australian history. In the 19th century the blast furnace poured the first industrial quantities of local steel, and today you can explore the ruins of this structure at Blast Furnace Park . The State Mine Heritage Park is home to local mining, steam power and rail heritage memorabilia.

Children exploring the Blast Furnace Park, the remains of a pump house and furnace, Lithgow

Explore the remarkable Glen Davis Ruins, all that remains of an abandoned village once home to a slate factory in World War II. The ruins of Newnes mining township are another reminder of a bygone era. Take the kids to see the luminous Glow Worm Tunnel, part of the old Newnes railway that serviced the area.

The Lithgow Small Arms Factory is on the grounds of the famous local factory that produced rifles used by Australian troops from World War I to the Vietnam War. Eskbank House and Museum also houses a significant collection of artefacts from Lithgow’s past, including a blacksmith's forge and a coach house.

Hoskins Church - Lithgow - Blue Mountains

This region is home to breathtaking natural wonders. Just over an hour from Lithgow, the Capertee National Park has spectacular walks and camping, and the bird watching trail takes you through the idyllic and peaceful valley. Further east, Wollemi National Park is home to canyons, rivers and aboriginal rock paintings.

There are many tours and activities that depart from Lithgow to the surrounding parks. Wolgan Valley Eco Tours hosts the Wollemi Twilight Wildlife tour, Newnes Ruin Walking tour and Glow Worm Tunnel Hike. Madjestic Tours specialises in tours of Lithgow’s historic sites, including a tour of the Blast Furnace.

Hassans Walls Lookout - Lithgow Area - Blue Mountains

Hassans Walls Lookout, the highest lookout in the Blue Mountains, is just a few minutes’ drive from Lithgow town centre. The Sir Joseph Cook boardwalk provides easy access to the 1,130m peak of the lookout, with dramatic, wide-angle views of the majestic Blue Mountains escarpment and the rolling valleys at its feet. 

There are many delicious restaurants and in Lithgow showcasing fresh, local produce. Visit the Jannei Artisan Cheese Makers for a unique and tasty farm experience, and Craft Works Distillery, on the edge of the Capertee Valley, specialise in single malt whiskey. The events calendar also includes local markets.