Biamanga National Park

Jointly managed by Aboriginal people and the NPWS, Biamanga National Park is a significant Aboriginal site filled with dramatic landscapes and places to unwind.

Sacred to the local Aboriginal Yuin People for centuries, in May 2006, Biamanga was returned to its traditional custodians as part of a joint management agreement with NSW National Parks. What does this mean? It means that when you visit Biamanga, you're visiting a place where decisions about the land are made by Aboriginal people. You are also visiting Aboriginal Country, where the mountains meet the sea and the landscape connects Aboriginal culture and lore. A visit here is both special and unique.

The first thing that strikes you is a sense of remoteness and solitude: though only 20km from the town of Bega, Biamanga is a wild landscape of cascades and granite boulders, ribbon gums and gurgling creeks, not far from the Tasman Sea. Not only does the park feature Mumbulla Mountain and dramatic river gorges fed by natural springs, it also contains an important area of unmodified coastal foothill habitat. Environmentally speaking, a trip through Biamanga is a step back in time.

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