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Glass Bottom Kayak Tour

Explore the beautiful and Unspoilt South Coast of NSW Australia and join a range of highly recommended Nature Based Experiences with multi award winning Region X.
The range includes short kayak tours such as the Glass Bottom Kayak Tour, perfect for families and Oyster Tasting Kayak Tours for seafood lovers!
Half Day Sea Kayak Tours reward you with remote and otherwise inaccessible locations to snorkel, eat, explore and discover.
Enjoy a guided Cycle through many of the areas National Parks and plunge into a remote rock pool.
The hiking in the region is breathtaking and Region X offer various hikes to suit your fitness.
Visitors can even enjoy longer tours and truly discover the region with a multi day tour with incredible wildlife encounters such as whales, dolphins, turtles, stingrays, sea eagles, a variety of sea birds, as well as wildlife on the land including kangaroos, lace monitors and magical birdlife.
Tours operate from various departure points in and around Batemans Bay, four hours from Sydney, two hours from Canberra.

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Batemans Harbour Coffee Kayak Tour

A mellow sea kayak tour of the Batemans Bay town waterfront, Clyde River mangroves and the peace of the Bay. Stopping for coffee from a local cafe, your guides will fill your thirst for local knowledge with stories of indigenous tribes, first settlers and industries. An achievable option for everyone with focus on stories and enjoying the environment close to the heart of this fishing village. Tour includes photos to download, guides, coffee, snacks and equipment.
Start Location Old Punt Road North Batemans Bay
Duration Half Day or Less
Price $85.00 - $85.00 Adults AUD85, Child AUD65. Please refer to the website for special offers that may be available.

Half Day Sea Kayak Tour

The Half Day Sea Kayak Tours are the perfect way to discover remote paddle in only sections of the Coast. Region X staff train and instruct prior to slipping into stable comfortable sea kayaks, suitable for everyone, from first-timers to experienced paddlers. Kayak to hidden places in the Marine Park, islands, reefs, mangroves, sand flats, beaches and more. Spot whales, dolphins, turtles, sun fish, seals, sting rays, sea eagles and even schools of fish. Expect to paddle for about an hour and a half before you land at wonderful beaches to swim, eat, relax, snorkel, walk or simply just enjoy the view from your towel. Included in the morning tour: All equipment, kayaks, guides, tuition, morning tea, downloadable photos and great memories.
Start Location
Duration Full Day, Half Day or Less and Customised
Price $95.00 - $95.00

Glass-Bottom Kayak Tour

This tour is a perfect introduction to kayak adventures for families, first timers and nature lovers. You can discover through the see-through floor and over the edge of a kayak, stingrays, banjo sharks, crabs, shellfish, sea grass beds and fish feedings. Guides share their knowledge of local indigenous history as well as the life cycle of the marine ecosystem. Region X will begin your adventure by fitting you out with equipment and teaching you how to paddle before heading across the sheltered bay, over tidal flats home to stingrays on high tide and soldier crabs on the low tide. Suitable for anyone.
Start Location 4 Myamba Parade Surfside
Duration Half Day or Less and Customised
Price $55.00 - $75.00 Adult AUD75, Child AUD55 per person.

Whale Watching Kayak Tour

Enjoy the possibility of watching amazing marine life including whales, from your stable double kayak. Both Southern Right and Humpback whales use the coast of New South Wales as their ancient migratory path north in the Australian winter and south with the currents in spring to feed on the summer waters of the Antarctic. This four hour guided sea kayak tour departs from Mossy Point, Guerilla Bay or Mosquito Bay, depending on whale location. All tours start with instruction and coaching to have you safely and confidently cruising through carved passages and between islands. It's a beautiful experience!
Start Location
Duration Half Day or Less
Price $95.00 - $95.00

Hike Pigeon House Mountain Tour

The best short hike on the NSW South Coast. Be amazed by the history surrounding this great walk, the Aboriginal name for the mountain Didthol, meaning Big Mountain, later named by Captain Cook in 1770 as Pigeon House Hill for its shape, clearly seen from the ocean. Enjoy comfortable hotel pickups, an amazing hike, lunch and a swim at the freshwater of the Clyde River. The hike itself is considered tough, but an extremely rewarding experience, the views from the summit to the west into magical wilderness regions of the Buddawangs show sandstone cliffs, gorges and escarpments. Views to the east show the amazing NSW coastline stretching as far as the eye can see.
Start Location
Price $115.00 - $155.00 AUD115 if meeting at Korners Park Princess Hwy Batemans Bay; AUD40 extra for hotel pickups and drop offs.

Canberra to Batemans Bay day tour - Pebbly Beach and Kayak Tour

This tour includes Hotel Pickups in Canberra and Batemans Bay before a trip to visit the incredible beach loving Kangaroos and Native Wildlife at Pebbly Beach. This area of Murramarang National Park features amazing spotted eucalyptus forest a range of birdlife that love to come and say hello and a wonderful beach to explore. After your beach visit, spend some time for lunch and shopping in the seaside town of Batemans Bay before being a Kayak Tour on the magnificent Clyde River with your choice of Oyster tastings from world famous Oyster growers. You tour concludes with transfers back to your hotel in Batemans Bay or Canberra.
Start Location Canberra
Price $205.00 - $225.00 AUD205 Children three -15. AUD225 Adults 16-95.

One Day Kayak Tour Muramarang National Park

Enjoy the day out exploring coastal beauty of South Coast NSW in comfortable stable bears of the Sea. The meeting point for your day will be chosen using the wind and swell to aid the journey. They either travel North to South, from Kioloa to Depot Beach or in the opposite direction. They use stable Double Sea Kayaks for these tours, and the tour is recommended for moderately fit outdoor lovers. Your journey will take you along the shoreline of the Murramarang National Park, where spotted gum forest falls steeply to the ocean. Spotting wildlife is always a highlight, whales are common in Spring and dolphins, sea birds, seals and more are possible all year. The otherwise inaccessible National Park boasts wonderful places to stop in a sea kayak en route. You can choose any number of locations to land for a lunch break, a swim, a walk or a relax on shore.
Start Location
Price $115.00 - $115.00

Oyster tasting Kayak Tour

Join fourth Generation Oyster farmers and an award winning kayak tour operator for an insight into Australia's Oyster Coast. The magnificent Clyde River Estuary system is home to some of the most successful oyster farmers on the South Coast of NSW, paddle and taste the romance of the finest oysters from the purest Australian waters. Learn about the local cultivation techniques, the science behind farming, oyster varieties and life as an oyster farmer from Jade, Greg and Enola from the Oyster Shed on Wray Street. Be treated, eating the freshest oysters you can, taken from the river that morning. Following the tasting and talk, kayak through working oyster farms, between live racks brimming with product, past packing sheds all within easy floating distance of your starting location at the Batemans Bay bridge, all part of the Batemans Marine Park and Clyde River National Park.
Start Location Old Punt Road North Batemans Bay
Price $85.00 - $85.00

Five Day South Coast NSW Tour

The South Coast NSW National Park of Murramarang boats some of the best Australian Beaches and showcases amazing temperate forest, wildlife at every turn and a quite almost undiscovered atmosphere, making for an amazing place to enjoy. Throughout this five day journey you will experience the Parks highlights through mixed transport means. Hike easy or challenging coastal trails and beaches dotted with rainforest, expansive coastal views and great spots to enjoy lunch and a swim. Cycle on easy trails to amazing rock pools to enjoy lunch and a swims Sea Kayak amazing coastal sections of the park visiting ancient geological features, quiet coves, round the islands and experience remote beaches. Snorkel and try your hand at collecting coastal seafood for your evening feast! The tour is suitable for local and international travellers. The guide team can tailor the intensity of the chosen route to match the groups ability and desire, including options for kids.
Start Location Depot Beach
Price $1795.00 - $1980.00

Great Walks - 27 Beaches 3 Day supported Hike

Experience one of the Worlds Great Hikes. Magnificent beaches, intricate geological patters and amazing forest on this guided three day hike along the breathtaking South Coast of NSW all within Murramarang National Park. The South Coast of NSW is famous for its temperate climate and amazing beaches. The area of Murramarang National Park is no exception. Based out of Batemans Bay, witness incredible mountain ranges and varied jagged dramatic coastline, colour rich sandstone layers and conglomerates awaiting discovery. Each of the 27 beaches are surprisingly different. Walking the stretch of coast is an intricate insight into the timeline of the Australian environment, be prepared to walk rock ledges, sandy beaches, pebbly coves and rain forest trails. Hiking with only a day pack on this truly supported and guided hike, you can enjoy the relative weightless hiking with optional side hikes, yummy lunches and arrive to your cabin destination along route. There is ample time to enjoy a peaceful morning on the beach by yourself or tuck into that book you bring along.
Start Location Batemans Bay
Price $559.00 - $599.00 Children four-15 AUD559 Adults 16-95 AUD599