Ngaran Ngaran Culture Awareness - Narooma

Gulaga Mountain and many parts of the Narooma region have held sacred significance for the Yuin Aboriginal community for tens of thousands of years yet the stories are not widely known. The traditional custodians of Yuin country Ngaran Ngaran Culture Awareness invite you to come, walk and listen to a sacred dreaming of creation that Gulaga holds, this experience will enlighten you to a traditional way of knowing and experience first hand ceremony and dreaming stories that have been passed down.

All this is entrenched in the South East corner of Australia. Come along and see that Aboriginal culture and ceremony is very much alive in NSW, this immersion is only a four and a half hour drive from Sydney and three hours from Canberra.

Book an experience that will open your mind and learn and see what their ancestors have left to show you.

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2 Day Gulaga Creation Tour

Aboriginal Culture immersion includes: two nights shared accommodation (cabin style), two breakfasts (self serve baskets), two dinners (catered), one packed lunch for day tour, three traditional Aboriginal ceremonies, dance and Didgeridoo performance, full guided traditional tour of Gulaga Mountain and two traditional Yarning circles.
Start Location Gulaga Creation Tour, Tilba Tilba
Highlights Gulaga Creation Tour, Tilba Tilba
Travel by Four Wheel Drive, Walk
Duration Extended, Full Day, Night, Tailored.
Price $550.00-$2200.00 Price Range Rates are AUD550.00 per person per group of four. Minimum group size is four up to maximum of 20. Groups will be charged per group of four, so increased rates per person apply if group isn't an even four, eight, 16 or 20. (Example: group of seve