Cat Balou Cruises and Whale Watching Eden - Eden

The vessel, Cat Balou

Cat Balou Cruises operate from The Port of Eden, situated halfway between Sydney and Melbourne.
Experience nature at its best when you cruise aboard the multi award winning 16 metre catamaran, Cat Balou.
Ros and Gordon Butt have been owner/operators Cat Balou Cruises since 1987 and are among the most experienced whale watching operators in NSW. They also assist various research groups.
Whale watching cruises depart daily from mid September until late November. Cat Balou Cruises have a 99 per cent success rate in sighting whales. The main species seen are Humpbacks heading south to the Antarctic. Cat Balou is equipped with a hydrophone to enable passengers to hear the whales singing. A whale guarantee applies if no whales are sighted. Albatross and Shearwaters are frequently seen, along with dolphins and seals.
Twofold Bay Cruises operate all year. These highlight the history, natural beauty, industries of the historic whaling port. Dolphins and seals are seen on most trips.
Coastal Wilderness Cruises view Ben Boyd National Park and Australia's coastal wilderness whilst watching for sea birds, dolphins, seals and whales (seasonal).
On all cruises a live informative commentary is given and refreshments are included.
Bookings essential.

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Coastal Wilderness Cruises

This cruise incorporates the stunning scenery and wildlife of the Ben Boyd National Park and Australia's Coastal Wilderness. After cruising around the southern section of Twofold Bay, Cat Balou heads south towards Greencape Lighthouse viewing stunning rock formations, Mowarry Beach, Saltwater Creek and subject to weather entering picturesque Bittangabee Bay. A great opportunity to witness nature at its best plus an excellent chance of seeing various species of seabirds (including Albatross, Shearwaters, Australasian Gannets, Sea Eagles), dolphins, seals and whales (seasonal). Complimentary refreshments including hot soup, cheese and biscuits are served. Route may be varied subject to sea conditions.
Start Location Eden
Duration Half Day or Less
Price $65.00 - $75.00 Adults and seniors, AUD65. All children to 16 years, AUD40. Two adults and two children under 16 years, AUD220.

Half Day Whale Watching

Cat Balou Cruises are the longest established whale watching operators in NSW, based at Eden, NSW which was named by Australia Geographic in 2014 as the No. 1 Whale Watching Destination in Australia. The main type of whales seen are Humpbacks which travel close to shore, at times coming right into Twofold Bay on their southern migration, but at times other species are seen including the rare Blue Whales, Minke, Bryde's, Southern Right and Orca. You may witness the awesome sight of Humpback whales engaged in lateral lunge feeding - normally only seen in Antarctic waters. Other sea life frequently seen are Common and Bottlenose Dolphins, Australian Fur Seals, Penguins, Sunfish and occasionally turtles. Bird watchers are amazed at the variety of sea birds including Albatross, Shearwaters, White Breasted Sea Eagles and Gannets to name a few. Cat Balou is equipped with a hydrophone to enable passengers to listen to whales singing. Cat Balou offer a free return cruise or refund half fare if whales are not seen on any whale watching cruise.
Start Location Eden
Duration Half Day or Less
Price $60.00 - $225.00 Adults and seniors, AUD75. All children to 16 years, AUD60. Two adults and two children under 16 years, AUD225.

Twofold Bay Sealife Cruises

A two hour cruise around Eden's historic Twofold Bay. These cruises operate all year and give passengers an insight into this historic whaling port. There is a resident pod of dolphins seen on most trips, also seals and penguins. Discover the beauty of the bay which is surrounded by the Ben Boyd National Park, Mount Imlay, State Forests and many pristine beaches.
Start Location Eden
Duration Half Day or Less
Price $35.00 - $40.00 Family ticket AUD125, two adults and three children under 16 years which includes morning/afternoon tea. Informative live commentary.