Aboriginal Blue Mountains Walkabout - Faulconbridge

Aboriginal Blue Mountains Walkabout

On an Aboriginal Blue Mountains Walkabout tour discover the natural beauty of the World Heritage wilderness near Sydney. Aboriginal guides will explain the creation stories and spiritual meaning of the mountains on the walking tour. A challenging off-track walk is part of the tour. It follows an ancient songline through secluded forests. A songline is a path through the Dreaming and remembered in songs. You’ll see ancient Aboriginal art and ceremonial sites and listen to Dreamtime stories.

On the award-winning tour you’ll also see wildlife and spectacular sandstone caves. Tours start and finish on the Faulconbridge railway station platform. Tours depart at 10.35am Monday to Friday and end at the station at 4.30pm. On weekends and public holidays, tours depart at 10.45am. From Sydney’s Central Station, the train trip to Faulconbridge station, in the Blue Mountains, is about 80 minutes. There are no tours on 31 December and 1 January. 

For more information: www.BlueMountainsWalkabout.com

Aboriginal Blue Mountains Walkabout Tour

Aboriginal walkabout in the Blue Mountains (not a tour of the Blue Mountains). Starts and finishes on Faulconbridge Train Station Platform. Easy travel information provided for train from Sydney 1.2 hour or Katoomba 30 minutes (no pickups). 5.5 hours in nature (two hour walk with 3.5 hours of learning, activities, photos and relaxing). Seven to 70 years, of good health and above poor; fitness, balance and mobility. 3.5 kilometres (two miles) medium grade and gradient bushwalking adventure. Bushwalking a rainforest gully with a gradual down and up of 120 metres. A few slippery bits, some rock negotiating and one hour from emergency services. No refreshments or secure storage provided. For one to 10 people. More if for private charter group, school, corporate or University.
Start Location Great Western Highway Faulconbridge
Duration Full Day and Customised
Price $95.00 - $95.00 Subject to change and availability