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Farmers' markets in NSW

Come along and meet all the local growers and taste their healthy fresh seasonal produce at farmers markets around NSW.

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Best gourmet food and wine trails in NSW

NSW has some of the most fertile land in Australia, producing crops ranging from wheat and rice to oranges, beef, many varieties of grapes, nuts, coffee and exotic fruit. Seasonal, fresh-picked food can be found at farmers' markets, restaurants and produce shops sprinkled throughout the region. Or head to any number of regional events in country or coastal towns from Orange to Griffith, or Byron Bay to Eden for wine tastings, harvest celebrations and food and wine events.

With a little planning, you're guaranteed to find a food and wine trail that has excellent accommodation, great dining and some delicious activities.

The Poachers Way is a well established trail in Country NSW; explore the 100 Mile Diet and you'll uncover some of the best local food and wine in the central New South Wales. Closer to Sydney, the Hawkesbury Harvest is a gourmet farmgate trail that also arranges food tours to regions such as the South Coast of NSW.