Ben Boyd National Park - Merimbula

Ben Boyds Tower, Ben Boyd National Park

Ben Boyd National Park is named after Benjamin Boyd, a prominent 19th-century entrepreneur. Its rugged coastline of folded red rocks contrasts with the sapphire blue Pacific Ocean. It is a special place for the local Yuin Aboriginal people. Pristine surf beaches, rugged bays, quiet campgrounds, sheltered inlets and a historic lighthouse are key elements of this stunning landscape. Its heathlands and forests are home to many plants and animals including threatened species like the ground parrot, hooded plover and long-nosed potoroo. The park is found north and south of Eden in two parts. Major attractions are Green Cape Lightstation, the spectacular Light to Light Walk and camping at Saltwater Creek and Bittangabee Bay in the south. Pinnacles and breathtaking views from Haycock Point are highlights in the north. Swim, fish or picnic next to vast stretches of ocean beach. Watch out for kangaroos, sea eagles, migrating whales and forest birds.

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