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White Cliffs' opals

Opals were discovered in the White Cliffs area as early as 1884. The town's first store and hotel opened in 1892, and miners soon arrived to dig their fortunes out of the ground. Make sure you buy an opal keepsake from one of the world's most unusual towns.

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  • Mining at White Cliffs

About White Cliffs

White Cliffs is an opal-mining town in which residents mainly live underground to escape the heat. It's 98 km from Wilcannia in Outback NSW and set in a bizarre moonscape-like landscape comprising thousands of hillocks of earth dug and discarded in the quest for opals. When visiting the White Cliffs area, stay in unique cave- and station-style accommodation for an authentic outback experience.

The town has a last-frontier kind of appeal. Locals have many stories to tell of wealth won and lost. The miners work, live and breathe their unconventional underground existence. At the Pioneer Children's Cemetery, you can learn about the harsh early history of White Cliffs or follow the self-guided heritage trail.

Nature lovers will enjoy the outback landscape and must visit nearby Mutawintji and Paroo-Darling national parks. If you're feeling adventurous, join a 4WD, opal field or national park tour.

If you're visiting the area in May, be sure to catch the White Cliffs Music Festival and hear local artists perform their original compositions.


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Local areas

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  • White Cliffs The opal-mining town of White Cliffs is unusual in that many of its residents live underground.
  • Wilcannia Wilcannia is a historic Darling River port town in Outback NSW, 200 km east of Broken Hill and part of the White Cliffs area