Arts, culture and heritage in Cobar

Cobar is a flourishing town built around the thriving mining and pastoral industries. Mining commenced here in the 1870s, and today, the town is an important source of copper, lead, silver, zinc and gold. Find out about Cobar's rich past at the Great Cobar Heritage Centre.

  • Mining, Broken Hill
  • Gundabooka National Park

About Cobar

Copper- and gold-mining has long been the lifeblood of Cobar, and the wealth that followed the discovery of these metals influenced the many fine buildings still in existence. Among the many reminders of the industry's past glory is the Great Cobar Open Cut, originally an open-cut 150-m-deep mine.

Follow the self-guided Cobar Heritage Walk and Centenary of Federation Walking Track to uncover the town's history. View the open-cut mine and Cobar's surroundings from Fort Bourke Hill Lookout, the site of the town's first gold mine.

Explore the Aboriginal rock art at Mount Grenfell, where three main rock shelters feature more than 1,000 images.

For water sport, you can visit the site of Cobar's first water supply, the Old Reservoir ('Old Res'), 3 km north of the town. From there, follow the 1-km walking track to nearby Devil's Rock, an ancient rock formation that plays a significant role in Aboriginal legend. Keep your eyes peeled for the abundant birdlife and other wildlife there.

If you're bunking in Outback NSW, Cobar has a number of motel and caravan park accommodation options.