Adventure in Mungo National Park


Outback NSW drives

The Darling River Run is a 730km drive that follows the Darling River, winding through Outback NSW. It's an amazing journey through isolated outback towns that were once thriving ports on the river - Bourke, Louth, Tilpa, Wilcannia and Wentworth

Walls of China, Mungo National Park

In the middle of Outback NSW, more than 120,000 hectares of remote and starkly beautiful landscape provides a window into the dawn of human life on earth.

Mungo National Park, part of the Willandra Lakes Region World Heritage Area, is comprised of a chain of ancient dried-up lakebeds and sand dunes, more than 800km west of Sydney. Besides its isolated and striking beauty, it's one of NSW's most significant national parks - famous for the key archaeological treasures found there. The remains of Mungo Man, the oldest human skeleton discovered in Australia, and Mungo Woman, the oldest ritually-cremated remains ever found, were both uncovered here.

At the visitor centre in Mungo National Park, you'll find changing exhibits and information about what to see and do in the area. If you want to stay overnight, there are a couple of campgrounds within the park, as well as accommodation available in old shearers' quarters. You can explore the park at your own pace following the 65-km self-drive tour that takes you to 15 stops along the way. It's easily accessed via Wentworth.

Alternatively, join an escorted tour in air-conditioned 4WD vehicles with experienced local guides. Mungo Discovery Tours are conducted by rangers from the three tribal groups of the Willandra Lakes region. Tours operate during school holidays and at other times by appointment. There are also scheduled Discovery Tag-a-long Tours to the crescent-shaped dune feature known as the Walls of China - you'll need your own transport - plus an evening with Aboriginal Discovery Rangers chatting by the campfire beneath the stars of the Southern Cross.