A visit to the Living Desert Sculptures, 9 km from Broken Hill, is an iconic Outback NSW adventure experience. The sculptures comprise 12 sandstone artworks which highlight the skyline, all with a story to tell. View them at sunset when the golden yellow and orange of the massive sandstone sculptures melts into the breathtaking red and orange sky.

  • People travelling with four wheel drive, camping, Outback NSW
  • A small group of people partaking in a Camel Trek in Silverton, Broken Hill

Adventure in Outback NSW

Every part of your Outback NSW holiday is bound to be an adventure to remember and staying overnight in the Underground Motel at White Cliffs is a great way to start. The year-round 22°C temperature makes this “dugout” sleepover extremely comfortable.

Experience Outback NSW life firsthand on a station such as Trilby, a working merino sheep and goat ranch on the banks of the Darling River; Eldee Station and Mount Gipps are equally welcoming.

Alternatively, camp out under bright Outback skies at Warrawong on the Darling or join in campfire talks at Mungo Lodge, near World Heritage-listed Mungo National Park. Unlock the secrets of this amazing archaeological site with Aboriginal-owned and-operated Harry Nanya Outback Tours. The Walls of China rock formation and ancient burial site of Mungo Man and Mungo Woman are inspiring. Equally rare and beautiful is rock art in Mutawintji National Park, best viewed with a local Aboriginal guide from Tri State Safaris.

And adventure awaits in many Outback NSW pubs. Linger over a beer at the ghost town pub, the Silverton Hotel, chill out on the verandah of Broken Hill’s Palace Hotel or meet friendly locals at Tibooburra Hotel, almost 1293 km from Sydney.