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 Bar Beach, Newcastle

Fort Scratchley Historic Site - Newcastle East


There is so much to do at Fort Scratchley Historic Site. Experience Newcastle's history at its best at this national historic landmark.

Enjoy a stroll around the site to soak in the history, taking in the breathtaking views, enjoy dolphin or whale-watching with a picnic or immerse yourself in history and undertake a guided tour of the site and through the amazing underground tunnels.

Europeans first settled in Newcastle for its readily accessible coal and the headland was initially used to display flags and navigational signals for shipping. It was the same coal, and the threat of a fuel hungry Russian fleet in 1877 which caused the British authorities to plan a series of strategic fortifications for national coastal defence.

The large and elaborate state of the fort built at Newcastle during the 1880s reflected the importance of the region's resources and the apprehension felt for their safety.

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