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Nature in Dorrigo

Dorrigo is a serene country town and the gateway to Dorrigo National Park. Its close to the edge of the escarpment above the Bellingen Valley.

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About Dorrigo

Dorrigo National Park covers a rugged chunk of the coastal escarpment and is one of the loveliest and most accessible of the east coast rainforests. It is a remnant of the Dorrigo Scrub, which was once heavily logged for its cedar trees. Here the many streams, which are borne on the New England plateau to the west, tumble over the cliffs and disappear into the valleys below. The bird life of Dorrigo includes bowerbirds, pittas and lyrebirds. There are several easy strolls within the national park as well as a number of long and more challenging bushwalks. Nearby, Coffs Harbour and Bellingen are well worth a visit.

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