Lord Howe Island Attractions

The World Heritage-listed paradise of Lord Howe Island is home to some of Australia's most beautiful natural attractions. Spectacular panoramic views across the island can be enjoyed from the summit of Mount Gower - join a guided walk for this challenging 8-hour trek across the mountain's rugged terrain.

The island's clear waters are a delight to explore, with pristine beaches and peaceful lagoons offering ideal conditions for many water-based activities and sports. Head out for a swim, go surfing, or glide through the waters stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking or kite surfing. See colourful coral reefs and a variety of fish, turtles, stingrays and other sea life while snorkelling and diving in the waters of the Lord Howe Island Marine Park or, for a unique sea life encounter, head to Ned’s Beach and feed eager fish by hand.

Learn more about the island’s World Heritage environment and history with a visit to the Lord Howe Island Museum and Visitor Centre.

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  1. Lord Howe Island Golf

    Lord Howe Island Golf

    Lord Howe is home to one of the most picturesque golf courses in Australia, which overlooks the towering Mt. Lidgbird and Mt. Gower. The 9-hole course meanders through the lushly vegetated Kentia Palm forest and out...

  2. Neds Beach

    Neds Beach

    Neds Beach Sanctuary Zone offers a unique opportunity to view an amazing diversity of coral, fish and marine life close to shore. This special purpose zone allows visitors to view and experience...

  3. Thompsons General Store

    Thompsons General Store

    Thompson's Store is a great place to grab a quick bite, with a tasty takeaway menu including burgers, fish and chips, gourmet rolls, and salads. Thompson's also serves locally-baked bread, rolls, pies pastries, coffee...

  4. Balls Pyramid

    Balls Pyramid

    23 kilometres southeast of the island, the world's tallest sea stack and the site of some of Australia's most remarkable diving can be found - the 551 metre tall Balls Pyramid. Exploring the caves and waters...

  5. Old Settlement Beach

    Old Settlement Beach

    Weather-sculpted sandstone rocks are dotted across the tiny and secluded Old Settlement Beach.Situated to the island's north, the beach is a great place to surrender to relaxation as you enjoy the...

  6. Erscott's Hole

    Erscott's Hole

    Home to 500 fish species and 90 species of coral, Lord Howe's snorkelling is second to none.A luxuriant garden of staghorn coral dominates the iconic snorkelling destination that is Erscott's Hole,...

  7. Transit Hill

    Transit Hill

    There are two pathways leading to Transit Hill, which is roughly centred on the island, and you might spot an emerald ground-dove or a golden whistler along the way.Start your stroll near the...

  8. Blinky Beach

    Blinky Beach

    Blinky Beach, on the eastern side of Lord Howe Island, is the best beach to access some amazing waves. Bring along a surfboard, body board, fins, or just head in for a bodysurf, it's the most popular place on the...

  9. Admiralty Islands

    Admiralty Islands

    Just 15 minutes by boat from Lord Howe rests an intriguing group of volcanic formations, dubbed the Admiralty Islands. Large pinnacles, coral reefs, larger schools of fish and diving depths of 15-40 metres...

  10. North Bay

    North Bay

    At the North of Lord Howe lies North Bay, a secluded beach accessible only by foot or water.Travellers admire migratory sea birds and take short walks to Mount Eliza, Old Gulch and Herring Pools...

  11. Mount Gower

    Mount Gower

    Standing tall at 875 metres, Mount Gower is Lord Howe's highest mountain. Rated as one of Australia's best day walks, the Mount Gower hike is a challenging eight hour return trek, complete with rope-assisted climbs...

  12. Lord Howe Island Marine Park

    Lord Howe Island Marine Park

    Lord Howe Island Marine Park is internationally significant, with the world's southernmost coral reef and the only fringing coral reef lagoon in NSW. The convergence of warm and cool waters results in a unique mix of...

  13. Kite Surfing

    Kite Surfing

    Lord Howe Island is very well known for the strong winter winds, making it a great location for Kite Surfing. Lord Howe Island offers amazing kiteboarding experiences, with locations for both flat and surf water...

  14. Malabar Hill

    Malabar Hill

    Red tailed Tropic Birds, gracefully performing their airborne courting rituals are common sightings from Malabar between September and May.Malabar's cliffs, which plunge dramatically into the ocean...

  15. The Valley of the Shadows

    The Valley of the Shadows

    Massive banyan trees and 40 metre high forests of Kentia palms cast brooding shadows in this enclave on the east coast. Situated near Clear Place, the Valley of the Shadows is one of the more unusual bushwalks you...

  16. Little Island

    Little Island

    Just over a kilometre from the road, Little Island is a gentle walk along the south western shoreline. The walk takes you through ancient forests of banyan trees and endemic kentia palms. From...

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