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  1. Peak Hill Open Cut Experience

    The historic gold mine at Peak Hill operated between 1893 and 1917, producing about 60,000 ounces from 500,000 tonnes of rock. Alkane excavated for gold on the site between 1996 and 2002, retrieving 145,000 ounces...

  2. Peak Hill Art Gallery

    Peak Hill's new Art Gallery is home to many local Artists and has a wide selection of art in various mediums including woodwork, ceramics and metal work. On various days you can observe a local Artist at work. The...

  3. Burrabadine Walking Track

    Burrabadine walking track is a four kilometre return walk in Goobang National Park, located near Greenbah campground. It’s a bush walk that is guaranteed to get your heart rate up, and the compelling scenic views from...

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