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Arts, culture and heritage in Hill End

In 1851, gold was discovered at Hill End, and by 1872, at the height of the great gold rush, the town was the largest inland settlement in NSW. With its museum displays and many preserved buildings, Hill End offers fascinating insight into the 19th-century gold rush.

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About Bathurst

One of Australia's oldest inland settlements, Bathurst in Country NSW is a gateway to former gold rush towns that features colonial buildings and grand old homes built for wealthy graziers.

As the original site of government settlement, Bathurst's historical buildings are rich in history and character. Chifley Home, now a museum and education centre, was once the residence of Australian Prime Minister Ben Chifley and his wife, Elizabeth.

In recent years, this sophisticated city has become synonymous with its annual motor race, the Bathurst 1000. Visit the National Motor Racing Museum, and you can even drive on Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit (when the race is not on, of course!), but the speed limit is a mere 60 km/h.

There's a plethora of things to do in the Bathurst area – plan your own holiday or check out one of the many tours. And don't forget to sample the area's dining options.

Neighbouring towns, such as Sofala and Hill End, which boomed during the gold rush, feature the remains of 1800s architecture and rusting agricultural equipment. To the south, the Abercrombie Caves form one of the most spectacular limestone cave systems in Australia.


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Local areas

  • Bathurst Bathurst showcases superb 1800s architecture and heritage buildings from its illustrious gold-rush past.
  • Hill End At Hill End, ruins, remnants of gold fever and two historic cemeteries speak volumes about the town's rich p
  • Sofala Sofala is Australia's oldest gold-rush town. Gold was still Sofala's primary industry right up to the 1940s.

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Children, Murray river by Rob Blackburn; Destination NSW
Emmylou paddle steamer by Rob Blackburn; Destination NSW