Snug Cove

Snug Cove, Eden is where three wharves unite at one of the most stunning coastal vistas of NSW. It is the hub for vessels that enter the crystal-clear waters of Twofold Bay to the Port of Eden, the southernmost deep water harbour of NSW.

You are welcome to wonder along the wharf and check out the fishing boats, tug boats, buy some mussels or drop in a line.
During the cruise season from October to March, there are a growing number of international and domestic cruise liners with passengers eager to experience Eden and our coastal wilderness.

One entry to Snug Cove is via Warrens Walk, which was named after the local fishing family who worked in the industry for generations since 1883.

In 1828, Thomas Raine established the first shore based whaling station on mainland Australia. A small pier was erected by Raine, as well as slab huts for a home and for the whaling try-works. The first wharf built for shipping was built in 1860.

Sit back at one of the restaurants and appreciate the spectacular deep blue water with iconic Mount Imlay in the distance.

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