Kiama Blowhole

An awesome natural spectacle, the Kiama Blowhole on the beautiful NSW South Coast is one of the largest blowholes in the world. A sea-cliff cavern spouts seawater 20 metres or more into the air. The powerful display is dependent on southeast ocean swells and waves entering the rocky cavern.

In the right conditions, waves surge into the craggy passage and compress the air inside, and then the air and water erupt through the hole in a booming sound. The colonial explorer George Bass, the first European to discover the blowhole in 1797, described it as the ‘most tremendous noise’.

Sunrise at the famous Kiama Blowhole on the NSW South Coast

The spray can drench you if you get too close, though it’s fun and exciting. Another wonderful experience is the blowhole at night. The area is floodlit until 1am, offering an amazing night-time attraction. The atmosphere at night is thrilling, with water shooting skyward and the sea rumbling.

From dawn to dusk, you’ll be amazed with the marvellous ocean views from Blow Hole Point, a popular spot for picnics under the towering Norfolk pines and for whale watching between May and November. The point is a stop on the Kiama Coast Walk, one of the best walking trails in Australia.

The Blowhole and lighthouse in Kiama, on the beautiful NSW South Coast

Next to the blowhole is the Kiama Lighthouse, first established in 1887. For the fascinating history of the Kiama region and its maritime story, the heritage-listed Pilot’s Cottage Museum is on the headland near the blowhole. The museum is in the beautifully restored Pilot’s Cottage, built in 1881.

If the blowhole’s water spout is placid, drive ten minutes south to the Little Blowhole, which relies on the prevailing northeast seas. Enjoy lofty spray bursts from a natural rocky cove. The Little Blowhole is also on the coast walk and near Marsden Head, another vantage point for spotting whales.

Kiama Blowhole, South Coast NSW

You’ll find many more things to do and see in Kiama, a charming seaside town on the Grand Pacific Drive. A scenic train trip from Sydney is 2h 15min. Relax on gorgeous beaches, enjoy delicious food and wine experiences, and check out the vibrant events calendar for festivals, markets and sports.