Worimi Conservation Lands

From fun adventure to ancient heritage, the Worimi Conservation Lands offer amazing experiences. Explore the giant Stockton Bight sand dunes and enjoy four-wheel driving and fishing along NSW’s longest beach. The tours such as an Aboriginal-guided quad bike cultural tour are fabulous, too.

The beautiful sandscape is forever changing. Created thousands of years ago, the largest moving coastal dunes in the Southern Hemisphere are spectacular. The dunes tower as much as 40 metres above the sea level and the steep slopes are ideal for sand-boarding, an exciting activity all year.

Quad bikes tour the Stockton Bight sand dunes in Port Stephens, NSW

The shifting sands cover the ancient Aboriginal cultural sites from time to time. This is why you must only drive or ride in the designated areas. The most visible ancient cultural sites are the middens, which contain shell deposits and tool-making artefacts. There are also campsites and burial sites.

You can explore ancient sites and learn about indigenous culture and traditional foods with Sand Dunes Adventures, a quad bike cultural tour owned and operated by the Worimi Local Aboriginal Land Council. You’ll be given instructions on how to ride your quad bike before the adventure.

4WD vehicles on Stockton Beach in Worimi Conservation Lands, Port Stephens

There are various 4WD and sand-boarding tours. Or saddle up on a horse with Sahara Trails or on a camel with Oakfield Ranch and discover the extraordinary natural beauty, which is 2h 30min drive north of Sydney and minutes from Nelson Bay, where dolphin- and whale-watching cruises depart.

The Worimi Conservation Lands include over 25km of coastline - most of stunning Stockton Beach, which curves 32km from the Hunter River at Newcastle to Buribi Point in Anna Bay, Port Stephens. Behind the dunes is a forest of blackbutt and smooth-barked apple gums, with paperbark pockets.

Beach and dune driving in your own 4WD is popular way to enjoy the area at your own pace. You’ll need to buy a special beach permit before steering your way onto the sandy stretch at either Lavis Lane in the south or Gan Gan Road in the north. Bring a fishing rod - the beach fishing is excellent.

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