Whale watching in Port Stephens


Port Stephens is known for its pristine beaches, crystal waters and spectacular marine life€“ so it's no wonder that a pod of resident dolphins have made the region their permanent home. It's also a great whale-watching spot during the season from May to November.

  • Whale watching, Port Stephens
  • Whale watching, Port Stephens

Whale watching, Port Stephens

You'll have a whale of a time on Australia's mid-north coast especially around Port Stephens, which is a top spot to see Humpbacks and Southern right whales passing during their annual migration. Mid-May to Early September sees the whales moving north to their breeding grounds and from Mid September to the Middle of October the south migration kicks in with lots of Humpback mothers with their new born calves seen during October. 

Pods are easy to spot from the Tomaree National Park, and the Tomaree Head Summit Walk is considered one of the top ten panoramic views in Australia. Port Stephens' beaches and foreshores also offer good whale-watching, especially from Boat Harbour, Anna Bay, Fisherman's Bay and Barry Park in Fingal Bay. If you're on a quad bike tour on the Stockton Bight Sand Dunes, you could be lucky enough to sight passing whales right from the beach.

Whale watching, Port Stephens

Moonshadow Cruises and Imagine Cruises run regular whale-watching tours during the season from Nelson Bay. Alternatively, join a Discovery Ranger on the Wild About Whales tour in Tomaree National Park, held from June to September. Junior Ranger tours designed especially for kids run in June, July, September and October.

To see where the whales are right now in maps you can use the Wild About Whales app. This will also give you tips on how to spot them and the best vantage points.

  • Food and wine, Port Stephens

    Food & Wine

    With enviable access to high quality, local produce and fresher-than-fresh seafood, Port Stephens enjoys a range of delicious cuisines. The area is filled with fantastic restaurants, cafés, wineries and breweries just waiting to be explored. Enjoy an evening of fine dining or unwind with an alfresco brunch and a cup of coffee, the choice is all yours.

  • Nature, Port Stephens


    With calm bays, idyllic inlets, and 26 picturesque beaches spanning 30km, Port Stephens is blessed with some of the most beautiful scenery on the NSW North Coast. Go for a scenic walk through Tomaree National Park, or take on the Tomaree Head Summit walk and spot some bottlenose dolphins or migrating whales.

  • Adventure, Port Stephens


    Port Stephens offers some of the best opportunities for outdoor exploration and adventuring in NSW. With a range of reputable companies offering guided tours of its bays, parklands, sand dunes and beaches, there are hours of fun and dozens of adventures to be had in the Port Stephens area.

  • Beaches, Port Stephens


    Port Stephens is an ideal location to enjoy wonderful stretches of beach and inlet. Explore this stunning coastline and discover family-friendly beaches such as Fingal Bay and Anna Bay.

  • Nelson Bay, Port Stephens

    Nelson Bay

    Nelson Bay is the main resort area of Port Stephens and is a great holiday destination to enjoy a wide range of water activities. Relax on beautiful stretches of beach, go diving or snorkelling at Fly Point Aquatic Reserve, or swim with the area's friendly dolphins.

  • Shoal Bay, Port Stephens

    Shoal Bay

    Named after the numerous sand shoals around the area, Shoal Bay is a haven for activities such as bushwalking, fishing, boating and more. Explore the rocky coastline of Tomaree National Park and take in the area's beauty by hiking the Tomaree Head Summit walk.

  • Stockton Sand Dunes, Port Stephens

    Worimi Conservation Lands

    Located just 10 minutes from the centre of Nelson Bay, the sand dunes stretch for more than 30km to the northern outskirts of Newcastle, covering an area of 4,200 hectares. Explore the ever-shifting golden dunes by sandboard, 4WD, quad bike tour, riding a camel or horse.

  • Whale Watching, Port Stephens

    Whale Watching

    With several fantastic vantage points, Port Stephens is a top destination to see humpbacks and southern right whales during their annual migration between May and October. Spot them from Tomaree National Park or many of Port Stephen's beautiful beaches.

  • Point Stephens Lighthouse, Port Stephens


    Take part in Naturefest Port Stephens, an exciting program of nature based activities held throughout June. Celebrate the diverse wonder of the area through cruises, photography competitions, whale watching and much more