Ricardoes Tomatoes and Strawberries Farm Port Macquarie


Row upon row of outstanding white igloo-style greenhouses march across the lush countryside. Inside, glorious red-ripe tomatoes climb to the sky on towering Jack and the Beanstalk-type vines and sweet succulent strawberries scale latticed A-frame avenues.

Pick your own strawberries at shoulder height for everyone from two to 102. Seniors: no back-breaking bending! All activities under cover in their greenhouses in case of rain, wind or chill.

Cafe Red (Bring Your Own, no corkage) has budget-priced brekkie/brunch, lunches, snacks, brewed tea, barista coffee, cakes, and Devonshire Teas with farmhouse scones. Free tastings of Ricardoes' Sydney Royal Easter Show and Fine Food Show award-winning sweet and savoury preserves.

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