Ricardoes Tomatoes and Strawberries Farm


Rows of outstanding white igloo-style greenhouses march across the lush countryside. Inside, glorious red-ripe tomatoes climb on towering Jack and the Beanstalk type vines and sweet succulent strawberries scale latticed walls along meandering fragrant avenues.

Free entry 364 days of the year.

Pick your own strawberries at shoulder height for everyone from two-year-olds to 102. Seniors: no bending over! All activities under cover in their greenhouses in case of rain, wind or chill.

Cafe Red (Bring Your Own; no corkage) has budget-priced brekkie/brunch, lunches, snacks, brewed tea, topline barista coffee, cakes, and Devonshire Teas with farmhouse scones. Free tastings of Ricardoes' award-winning preserves.

Stretch your legs in their beautiful grounds; children run free for a break from the road.

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